Pipe Clip Holder FARTON

Made of high quality engineering plastics, with tight structure and high strength, which can fix and protect pipelines well, and long service life

As the plastic pipe clamp is made of high-quality engineering plastic, with reasonable structure, light weight and certain toughness, the plastic pipe clamp is also suitable for the installation and fixation of valves with large bearing capacity

When the water pipe is clamped into the pipe clamp, the pipe clamp will have enough locking force to maintain the position of the water pipe, and the maintenance and replacement of the pipe clamp is very convenient

It is widely used in the laying and installation of water pipes, hoses, oil pipes, PEX pipes, PVC pipes, etc.

International Quality system Standard ISO 9001:2015
Size / Name Packing
(1 pack / 1 box)
(1 pack / 1 box)
1/4" (16 mm) 100 pcs / 45 packs 19.8 pounds
1/2" (20 mm) 100 pcs / 30 packs 16.38 pounds
1/2" (20 mm) 50 pcs / 63 packs 15.44 pounds