Push-pull Cap FARTON

Push pull caps – or ‘sport caps’ as they are often called – are a popular part of packaging bottles. Push/Pull caps dispense product when the center spout is pulled upward and are then closed when pushed down.

Push/Pull bottle caps are commonly used in dish detergent packaging and sports bottles.

The biggest advantage of push pull caps is they are quick and easy to use throughout a range of activities. Despite being easy to open, they also preventing liquids from spilling, making push pull caps a secure packaging choice.

Bottles with push pull caps not only offer the most convenient way to drink during sports, but in terms of team sports, they also provide one of the most hygienic ways for teammates to share bottles. With numerous athletes often drinking from one bottle, there’s no need to drink directly from the push pull cap, as the cap allows liquid to be squirted from a short distance. Athletes are able to squeeze the bottled liquid into their mouth from 2-3 cm away. Football players in particular use sports cap bottles in this manner to refresh themselves during matches.

It’s not just athletes who get to appreciate the advantages of push pull caps. Beverage manufacturers with products aimed predominantly at children also prefer to use push pull caps over other caps and closures available. For children, the push pull cap offers a much more convenient and safe option for drinking from a bottle. Push pull caps can also be a great stepping stone; parents who are trying to wean their children from nursing bottles can offer push pull cap bottles to their children as an intermediate step before transitioning to a normal drinks bottle or glass cup.

Knowing the advantages that this small device offers, it’s clear that push pull caps are the optimal choice for any kind bottled liquid