Dowel-Clamp FARTON

Forget cable clutter – get your cables organized with multi-cable brackets.

Designed for quick and easy installation of cable products. As individual wires of various sections, as well as bundles and corrugated pipes

The dowel clamp comes in different clamping ranges, for single cables or bundles of cables. Simply cover the cable with the loop and insert into the drill hole. When the cables are laid, the loop is barely visible.

The mount is designed for installation in almost any material of sufficient thickness: concrete, brick, wood, chipboard, plywood, aerated concrete.

Plug-in dowel

International Quality system Standard ISO 9001:2015
Size / Name Packing
(1 pack / 1 box)
(1 pack / 1 box)
5-10 100 pcs / 80 packs 10.6 pounds
11-18 100 pcs / 60 packs 11.44 pounds
19-25 100 pcs / 40 packs 7.94 pounds